12/11-17 Coaches Tip of the Week

Coaches Tip of the Week

Using the blocking out techniques listed on the player tip of the week have the players (12) line up around the 3 point circle in groups of 2. (6 groups)

Have the first player come out and face his partner. He is the defender and his partner is the offensive rebounder. Coach stands under the basket.

Point to your left. On the whistle all the offensive players should move to the direction the coach is pointing.when the coach blows the whistle. Offensive rebounders take just one or two steps in the direction the coach is pointing and then stop. Coach checks to see if each defender blocking out turns the correct way as in the Player Tip of the Week.

After the coach is satisfied that the players knbow how to turn correctly on the block out, have the defenders line up in a single line on the basketline. Have the manager throiw the ball in the air as a shot is taken. the defenders run and find their men and then the coach signals the direction he ewants the offensive players to go and then the players turn the correct way and the coach checks them out.


This is a good drill to make sure the players turn the correct way.