Week of 12/4-11 Rule of the Week

Many fans, players and coaches do not know the 3 second rule in the bucket.

Once the ball crosses half court or the ball is thrown in bounds on a throw in in the front court. no player may stay in the 3 second area, the paint, the free throw lane or bucket for more than 3 seconds.

However if a player catches the ball before the official blows the whistle for three seconds then the offensive player may dribble towards the basket or make a pivot move in order to try to shoot the ball. If the player dribbles out of the lane or passes the ball out of the lane then it is a three second violation.

However if the player gets the ball out of his/her hands for the shot before an additional 3 seconds elapses then there is no violation.

This is an  important rule to know. If you have the ball in the lane before you are called for three seconds then you still have 3 more seconds to shoot the ball.