Week of 12/4-11 Player Tip of the Week

Last week we talked about guarding a player with the ball. This week we are going to talk about guarding a player without the ball. Once the offensive team gets the ball to the top of the 3 point line facing the hoop, players will be guarding players without the ball at least 3 times as much as guarding a player with the ball.

The defender must keep the triangle. The ball, the player he/she is guarding and themselves. As the ball moves or the offensive player they are guarding moves or both the ball and the player move then the triangle must change its angles, but still keep the triangle triangle. A good way to keep this trangle is to point one index finger at theball and the other index finger at the player being guarded.

If the offensive player without the ball trys to flash cut in front of the defender then the defender must react immediately to block the cut or at least be with the offensive cutter.

If the offensive player back cuts and the defender losses the triangle then the defender should automatically go to the nearest block to try to find the cutter.