Some basketball questions to ponder for the off-season

With the middle school, high school and college basketball seasons now completed, let’s look at some questions to ponder for the off-season.


Who will be the high school players and high school teams to watch for next season?

Which players will transfer?

AAU, MBR. and MAC are in full force now through July and high school summer basketball will begin in mid-June and run through July. Does summer basketball really help as much as many think it does?

How much will AAU and high school summer programs conflict in June and July?

Any chance the Maine Principals’ Association will think about having a tournament of state champions between the four classes one weekend after the state finals to determine the best boys and girls teams in the state?

Any chance the New England schoolboy basketball tournament will be reinstated like many of the individual sports have been?

Will Bangor have a new arena?


Why was the national title game between Butler and Connecticut so low scoring and with such poor shooting?

Some broadcasters and color analysts of the the final stated that maybe the huge dome arena was a factor, but Butler scored 70 points on the same floor in the semifinal.

Maybe the players didn’t play enough outside basketball growing up where the sky serves as the background. Pure shooters can shoot anywhere. After all the ball is 9 inches in diameter, the rim is twice the ball’s size as it is 18 inches in diameter, and the rim is 10 feet from the floor or ground

Butler’s big men seemed to be intimidated about having their shots blocked. Thus, they rushed their inside shots and they missed uncontested and contested layups, scoring only two points in the paint for the entire game.

Why didn’t they stop and power, by ball faking, head faking and ball and head faking to get the Connecticut defenders to leave their feet, thus drawing fouls or getting clear shots?.

Why did Butler take their shots on the move as running layups, hooks or curl shots, and not power layups?

Was Jimmer Fredette of BYU the best choice for the Naismith Player of the Year just because he led the nation in scoring?

Can mid-major Division I college teams win big with home-grown instate players? UMaine?

Should fired UMaine women’s basketball coach Cindy Blodgett been allowed to coach through the remaining two years on her contract?

Should applicants for the Maine women’s basketball coaching job be required to have college coaching experience?

Will UMaine hire someone who is a current head coach or an assistant coach?

This will be my last column for this basketball season. I really enjoyed researching and writing the articles that I was assigned.

I want to thank the Bangor Daily News and sports editor Joe McLaughlin for giving me an opportunity to write this weekly column. I hope it was educational, informative, and interesting.

I would like to thank the many readers who spoke to me about how much they enjoyed the column. I know that some disagreed with some of the subjects, and I respect their viewpoints. That’s what makes it such a challenge to write a column about basketball as there are many good opinions out there..